At ComNav, quality is a point
of pride. Our wide array of
typologies (including Helical,
Evanescent, Combline,
Interdigital, Dielectric
Resonator and Waveguide)
ensures that exactly the right
filter is developed for your
application. Our combination
of modern materials, CNC
machining, Super Q ceramics
and temperature-compensated
aluminum cavities means
that ComNav cavity filters can
achieve performance and
production yields that are
among the best in the industry.

To speed production turn-
around, ComNav's cavity
filters are "over-designed"
at the front end, reducing size,
testing cost and eliminating
the need for coupling
adjustment. Our innovative
method of temperature
compensation eliminates the
need for Invar or multi-part
construction - significantly
reducing cost and yielding
temperature performance
of < 5 ppm in aluminum.
Resonator count is reduced
and unloaded Q is minimally
affected, so there's lower loss
and group delay variation.

cavity filters engineered
with precision.

     Bandpass ♦ Bandstop ♦ Multiplexers

  • Custom designs and packaging
  • Superior temperature stability to > 100°C
  • Tchebychev, Pole/Zero, Cross-Coupled and Time Domain designs
  • 300 MHz - 20 GHz frequency range
  • 0.01% multi-octave bandwidths
  • Moderate to high volume


  • Improved Sensitivity
    and band limiting
  • Noise Reduction
  • Multiplexing
  • Antenna Coupling

ComNav Engineering inc